Short wedding dresses – fashionable and stylish

09 April 2013

The wedding ceremony should go at the highest level – any person knows about this axiom. First of all, for this the bride “is responsible”, or rather her appearance. Therefore, you need to choose a wedding outfit wisely, but many girls do not suit classic options with a long train and lush skirts.

A great alternative in this case are short wedding dresses – this is a fashionable, even a slightly shocking option that will definitely remain in the memory of the guests!

Such a choice will help create an image of a modern, bold girl and is perfect for a and alert due to the resemblance to evening outfits. Of course, we must not forget about other elements of the image, for example, hairdresser services are needed for the corresponding hairstyle, etc. D. But the main contribution to the image makes, nevertheless, a dress.

A little story

For the first time, such outfits appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. The Great Chanel, who challenged the established traditions, has opened the opportunity to vary the size of wedding vestments. Photos of her creations amaze the imagination of their progressiveness and impudence. This was Coco Chanel herself.

Now short clothes, including for the wedding, are again popular – many world -famous designers give such models a worthy place in their collections.

Small spool, but roads are the advantages of a short outfit

We list the main advantages that ensured this along the following popularity:

accessibility and beauty – dresses look unusual and stylish, differing in a democratic price!

Comfort and convenience when wearing – you can easily dance, participate in wedding competitions and rush into the arms of a lover!

The ability to choose any place for a photo shoot. Which bride will abandon the opportunity to take pictures on the wall of the castle or on the shore of the azure sea? Only here is bad luck – a long dress will drain and spoil your nerves. Wearing a short outfit, you will become a “mobile”, easily posing anywhere. You will receive wonderful photos against the backdrop of mountains, lakes and other romantic places where it is difficult to move in long clothes!

What are the options

Of course, the designers worked for fame, creating many options for short outfits.

For example, tight -fitting dresses perfectly emphasize the aspen waist and luxurious hips of the bride. If you decorate them with rhinestones or lace, the effect will increase!

How sexy can be a girl in a dress with an open back, everyone knows. Imagine such an outfit at the wedding! May all guests envy the groom who got such an Amazon!

The option with a train is from the series “whole sheep – well -fed wolves”. If the bride wants to try something original, but has not yet been freed from stereotypes about a long dress-in which cases you need such an outfit! The movements of the bride will not be constrained, and she will look very decent.

As you can see, there are many opportunities – the main thing is to decide, thereby making your wedding memorable!