Signs of determining the sex of the unborn child

So you learned that you are waiting for the baby, the first tests, the first unrest, and many, many joy. You already love and wait for this baby, talk to him. It is so interesting to know who will be born soon and call you a mother. There are several methods that will help you find out the floor of the baby. If there are suspicions of diseases that are associated with the central nervous system and others, then it is necessary to make an MRI for children that can be carried out in the regional diagnostic center. MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging to which a children’s neurosurgeon can be directed to.

Scientific methods for determining the sex of the child

The most reliable and effective is the study of the blood of a pregnant woman on y chromosome. Thanks to this method, you will find out at the very beginning of pregnancy who you will have, a boy or a girl. The only drawback of this method is its high cost. You can also find out the gender of the unborn child with ultrasound. This is a more common and affordable medical method. Its disadvantages are that the gender of the child can only be recognized in the twentieth – twenty -second week of pregnancy and then not always. Very often the baby is hidden, rotates in the ass, and does not want to reveal his secrets.

Folk signs

In addition to medical methods, there are also folk methods for determining the floor. The most popular is the sign of definition in the form of the abdomen. Our grandmothers said that the spherical stomach is highly located – this is a sure sign that a girl will be born. And vice versa, pointed forward and a low -located belly speaks of the increase in the male. There is also a sign of the appearance of a pregnant woman. They say that if a woman has become prettier, blossomed, then she will give birth to a boy. But if a woman is constantly pale, with spots on her face, then she wears a girl under her heart.

And our ancestors noticed that if a pregnant woman loves sweets and fruits, then the princess will be born. But if it pulls on salty and sour, expect a boy.

In ancient Rus’, they also paid attention to the mood of the pregnant woman: and if it became irritable, it was a sure sign of the girl’s birth. Also, they say that the heart rate of the fetus is much more often than that of the fetus -boy.

You can also determine the gender of the baby and with the help of some fortune -telling. The most common is the fortune -telling by the arm. If a pregnant woman shows his hands with his palms down, there will be a boy, and if up, then, undoubtedly, a daughter.

Determination options are just a mass. Believe the signs or not, everyone’s personal business, but the most proven and accurate sign says: you can’t really want a child of a certain gender, the result will always be the opposite.