Than a manicure in the cabin is better than at home?

Beautiful nails decorate the hands of a real lady. Not a single woman, respecting society and herself, will be able to appear in public with groomed nails. But most women, due to excessive employment, the desire to save family remedies, remoteness of salons prefer home care of nails at home. Is it possible at home to carry out the necessary procedures to ensure high -quality nail care?

We can say that it is possible, but still in the beauty salon, all these procedures will make faster and better. For example, manicure in Yekaterinburg and in other cities in which there are beauty salons, is of high quality.

Salons offer the whole range of services, which includes manicure, paraffin therapy, nail extension, correction of extensive nails, various spa procedures. In the cabin, they will not only cover the nails with varnish, but will carry out the whole range of procedures for healing and strengthening nails.

The classic type of manicure, which is called trimmed, is performed after steaming hands in a bath with hot water and removing the cuticle and burrs with twigs. You can, of course, do this at home, but it will be difficult for left to gently process the nails on the right hand without applying microtraumas. A procedure that does not require cutting cuticle, more gentle and pleasant, is carried out on dry nails. They and skin areas around are covered with oils with vitamins, fruit acids, aloe extract. After softening the skin of the cuticle and coarse areas of the skin are removed with an orange stick or pumice. This procedure is performed by those who visit the salon regularly. A hot manicure procedure is also carried out in the cabin, in which the hands are immersed in a warm lotion of nutrients and oils. After that, the nails become stronger, do not lay down and look healthy.

Decorative coating with varnish, drawing, jewelry with rhinestones in general at home is problematic. Shellac coating, nail extension of high quality at home is very difficult. Therefore, visiting the salon to those who want to have beautiful, healthy, strong and well -groomed nails should be a good habit.