Than the Cosmetics of the Dead Sea is useful

The unique therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea have been known to humanity since biblical times. However, today it is not necessary to go there to go through wellness and medical procedures. The dead – the sea is called, because it does not live in it underwater living creatures and vegetation. It’s all about a high level of salt content in water. Nevertheless, in addition to salt, water also contains a huge number of trace elements and minerals, which are very useful for both the body as a whole and for the skin.

Nowadays, there are a lot of natural cosmetics, which is made on the basis of salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. All this can be bought at -Mon-Platin-DSM, in the Freshok online store specializing in the sale of such products. The most popular product is all kinds of salts and bombs for baths, as well as shower gels, which allow you to relax and relax to the body, accelerate blood flow, thereby nourishing the skin and enhancing metabolic processes in the body.

You can also purchase a huge number of feeding, moisturizing and cleaning masks that can be used at home without the help of a professional cosmetologist and corresponding salon equipment. There are many creams made on the basis of water, salts and minerals of the Dead Sea. They also nourish and saturate the skin with the necessary trace elements. There is cosmetics made of local mud. It can also be used for masks and anti -cellulite wraps at home. Such products are inexpensive, but it is quite effective and you can be completely confident in its naturalness, that there are no third -party impurities in the composition.

The Cosmetics of the Dead Sea does not cause an allergic reaction and can be used by both women and men of various age category.