Than the gas hob is better than electric?

The hob is a modernized version of the kitchen furnace, the so -called child of the usual attribute of the kitchen and fast -growing progress. It is a flat panel built into the countertop, with gas burners installed on it. You can install the hob at any place of the kitchen convenient for the consumer, with one condition alone-the distance from the hob to the kitchen furniture or walls of at least 10-15 cm (for fire safety purposes).

Gas panels, unlike electric counterparts, use gas burners as a heating element. Power varies from 100 to 3500 watts. If the house has frequent interruptions in electricity, bought gas surfaces to buy – the best option.

Although the choice of gas panels is not as great as that of electrical hobs, their diversity in design and choice of material cover this drawback. The most important advantage of gas hobs today is the GAZ-Control function. With the interruption of gas supply or firing fire, this security system automatically blocks the supply of gas, making a leak simply not possible. This function is very useful if there are children in the house.

Another advantage of the gas hob is not enthusiastic about the choice of dishes. On the gas panel, you can prepare in pots from any material, without fear of damage to the surface. Gas burners on the panel are not the same, their power is different, there are also options with double rims of fire supply. This is very convenient for cooking, which requires maximum temperature for the minimum heating time.

Gas hobs are quick heating and cooling, saving time and means. Choose gas panels for your kitchens, convenient and reliable for your dishes.