The beauty and style of the house will be given by fabric rollers

Fabric rollers-know-how, they are very popular in the sales market. This thing perfectly replaces both blinds and curtains. Unpretentious, comfortable and beautiful, they look much more expensive than cost up for the buyer.

If you want to see your house, office or cottage stylish and elegant, choose fabric rolls. Fabric rolls in Kyiv are sold on .


Beauty and style;


Special impregnation that does not burn out in the sun;

You can choose both plain fabric and with a different pattern, it makes it possible to use rolls as an element of the design of the room;

Rolls are easy to clean;

They are saturated with antibacterial and antistatic composition;

The possibility of making any size.

Only these above properties indicate that it is just the perfect material as a window decoration.

They do not miss sunlight in a lowered state, and serve as additional protection against dust.

If desired, rollers can be completely lifted or fixed at the desired height, which allows you to adjust sunlight access to the room. You can choose different fabric: not passing light at all, scattering and reflecting. When buying, specify about the properties of fabric from consultants.

Fabric loot is an environmentally friendly product, so they are perfect for the bedroom and children’s room. When choosing a drawing, do not forget that it should be combined with the design of room design.

When buying, do not forget to clarify about the type of fabric, the possibilities of fasteners and control systems, since the products are significantly different.

Rollet types:



Open models are attached to the window opening, on the ceiling, wall. The curtain is wound on the shaft, when unwound, it hangs freely.

The closed type is attached in a special box. It is a little more expensive than an open type, but its convenience is obvious:

There are no cracks between the details, the shaft is closed – dust does not accumulate;

The winding of the fabric is uniform, it does not dangle at the opening half;

If the mechanism is open, the roll is not visible on the window.

Closed rolls can be installed in the bathroom and in the kitchen, as they have a special water – and fat repulsive composition.

If necessary, you can choose various fabric patterns and each time it will look in a new way.

Such protection on the windows serves much longer, and looks very stylish, so if you want something original or unusual, prefer fabric rolls, you will not regret.