The goal is to find a solution, not to win

When there are misunderstandings, the main goal is to find a solution, not to win. How to find it? The most reliable way is to look for leadership and apply it. The initiative in this should be shown before men. Instead of immediately expressing your categorical view of the problem, why don’t you look at her from your wife’s point of view? Urgently try to take care not only about your interests, but also about your spouse’s interests.

When the thoughts and actions of a person begin to control the affected feelings and uncontrolled emotions, the situation is only more complicated. However, the willingness to change leads to the world and consent, and also brings a blessing

Without a doubt, everyone needs to learn peacefully, to settle misunderstandings, even if you have to give up their own preferences for this. Of course, sometimes you will say what you will regret. In such cases, ask for forgiveness. Do not give up. And over time, you and your marital partner will probably become easier to settle a misunderstanding.

Today there is a lot of what can make tension into family relationships. Some men do not take responsibility. Some women refuse to recognize her husband’s leadership. There are spouses in which one partner experiences violence from another. In addition, economic problems, human imperfection and the spirit of the world with its immorality and distorted values ​​may be devoted.

In addition, women have a remarkable ability to give birth to children, and in our imperishable state, this causes them great physical suffering. Women of childbearing age can regularly experience physical inconvenience. Of course, they need special care and attention when such inconvenience demolition and when they experience the exhausting period of pregnancy and the birth of a child. A husband who shows an honor to his wife and understands what support she needs greatly contributes to happiness in her marriage.

Three steps to help prevent the dispute

Listen to your spouse;

Respect him // her words with love;

What can you do now

Put the following questions to your marital partner and, without interrupting it, listen to the answers. Then, he can do the same.

Do I have a tendency to disputes?

Or I listen to you when you put it, or I answer immediately without allowing you to finish?

Do you feel in my words indifference or anger?

What can we do to improve the manner of communication, especially when there is a different look at the problem?