The main criteria in choosing women’s linen

The fair sex is replete with a variety of outfits, among which it is of particular importance, with notes of sophistication of underwear.

The correct accessory, which is organically suitable for all criteria, will allow the beautiful floor to feel impeccable comfort, self -confidence. Beautiful and stylish products should correspond not only to the type of outfit, but also to take into account the qualitative characteristics, individual characteristics of the silhouette, and figures.

Features of the cut

Initially, you need to decide on the optimally suitable styles, which will advantageously emphasize all the charms of the bends of the body and, if necessary, hide small flaws.

Popular bras without bones here ////////// not advisable to use for constant sock. Doctors recommend preference to variations in the form of shorts, or seamless models.

The correct size of the underwear is guaranteed to ensure unlimited comfort. Thorough attention is paid to the suitable cut of the bra and accurate measurements of volumes. Products by an order of magnitude no longer protect against stretch marks and can provoke breast deformation, and small ones, squeeze the skin, rub and cause irritation and uncomfortable sensations.

Color solutions

A wide range of colors of accessories simply fights with its diversity. It is better to focus not only on personal addictions in the choice, but also on compatibility with the selected outfit. It is not advisable to combine business suits with bright sets, only a moderate number of lace are allowed. Options of bodily, beige flowers are organically suitable for every day. Black, or white sets are simply win -win and must certainly be in the wardrobe.

Creating everyday or festive images, correctly and tastefully selected underwear will give confidence, forming the perfect planting of clothing and a beautiful silhouette. Comfort and practicality in combination with a high level of quality will give a feeling of exquisite femininity, allowing you to conquer others with an irresistible look.