The principle of operation of a coal filter

Water purification is quite complicated, but at the same time a necessary process. Each modern person knows some importantly it is important to use only the most clean and useful clean water. For high -quality cleaning, it is recommended to use multi -stage purification of tap water.

The first step is responsible for mechanical cleaning. That is, at the first stage, water is filtered from turbidity and impurities. It is more important to select a filter for the second step, which should qualitatively clean the water from heavy metals, fluorine, chlorine and salts. For this, the most correct solution would be to buy a coal filter for water to significantly improve quality and eliminate third -party unpleasant odors and taste.

To make the right choice in favor of a particular model of a coal filter, it is important to know about the elementary principle of work. Outwardly it is a case, usually from plastic or metal. Inside it is activated carbon or coal cartridge. The first is obtained from organic materials containing carbon. It can be a coconut shell or wood coal. The material itself is quite porous and has a considerable specific surface. It is due to this that he has a fairly high degree of adsorption.

When water passes through such a filter, active cleaning occurs. Namely, all impurities are adsorbed by a surface layer. At the same time, the surfaces of the pores of activated coal attract impurities molecules and further hold them.

It is natural to assume that the surface layer of the adsorbing substance will be large, the better the cleaning will be carried out. In addition, the larger a coal layer, the more water he can pass through himself, cleansing. At the moment, the coal filter is the best among analogues and the most popular among compatriots.