The use of bagseroal electric machines

Modern bags -sized machines allow you to firm the bags from a most diverse material, including paper, jute, burlap, polypropylene, fabric.

The advantages of such equipment

• a modern device is able to create a reliable seam that is a single stitch that can, if necessary, without problems, dissolve and redo it;

• the use of this mechanism does not require large financial costs and complex manipulations, therefore, the introduction of it in various industries an acquitted step;

• compactness and lightness (you can flash the bag in an upright position);

• ease of maintenance and management;

• Reliability in operating conditions.

Such equipment is relevant for use in chemical, food, construction, where the use of soft containers is a common phenomenon. You can find more information about computers . .

For firming packaging material, special threads are used, which include reinforced polyester, cotton, silk, producing single or more durable, chain seams that have two threads.

Distinctive features

Manual sewing mechanisms differ in some parameters:

• productivity;

• model row;

• additional availability of existing devices;

• thread composition of the seam;

• The number of seams.

Types of cars such as GK26-2, GK26-1A, GK9-18, GK9-2, GK, GK9 are popular.

Despite the restrictions installed by the manufacturer, the processing of no more than a hundred bags per day, in fact, the production of a thousand or more bags for a working day is processed in production.

To maintain the performance of the mechanism, preserve the working pace, it is necessary to carry out a regular preventive inspection, remove contamination, lubricate the components of the device. The more carefully the care will be, the longer it will last.

Higher performance in GK26, which has a function of automated lubrication, thread cut after passage. Only an excess of weight of two kilograms, compared with other models, is its disadvantage.

Model GK26-2 Model, using simultaneously two coils that can increase the density of the seams without making a double line.

All bags -linked machines use a regular, which is in each equipped room, an electric outlet for 220 volts.