Tranders-Cede-Miracle Maulb for kids

Children grow up very quickly. Even today, the baby falls asleep in the cradle, and after a few months she will already be small for him, and he will need a more spacious crib. During the period while the child grows, you will have to buy sleeping places several times. Not all parents have financial capabilities and time to choose a new furniture. A profitable solution is a multifunctional cot-transformer.

Using this type of furniture, you can save money. The transformer bed is suitable for a newborn baby and will serve him until the age of 7. A child can use some models until youthful age, but this will need to be dismantled. Parents, having acquired this furniture, will save themselves from the need to periodically find money in the family budget to purchase a new crib for a grown -up baby.

Modern children’s cots-transformers Moscow, represented in stores, surprise buyers with their capabilities of transformation. At first it can be a bed for a baby. When the baby grows up a little, it will be possible to change the height of the front back. In the future, it can be completely dismantled. As a result, you get a convenient sofa for fun games and relaxation. Buying a transformer crib, you can be sure that it will last a long time and will satisfy the needs of a younger child, delight him with its convenience and functionality.

Models of transformer beds, which are represented in modern furniture stores, can serve not only as a sleeping place. They can be a corner for creativity, and a convenient desk for a schoolboy, behind which he will prepare for classes. The part that used to be a chest of drawers can now become a rack for small things and a nightstand for stationery.

By acquiring a coting and transformer, in the process of its use, you can make many discoveries regarding its capabilities. Wheels allow you to rearrange the furniture in places in the room, transform the interior. In this case, physical efforts and any cash costs are not required.

Thus, parents who decided to acquire for the child such an unusual type of furniture as a transformer crib are practical and far-sighted. Any model, no matter what it is, will delight mom, dad and child with his unusual capabilities and functionality. She will certainly justify all the expectations that were assigned to her during the purchase.