Varieties of carts for cargo transportation

For transportation of goods at the enterprise, in a large store or in warehouse, special carts will always be useful. They allow you to store goods compactly, transport them from warehouse to the hall and are even used in transportation of vehicles.

What varieties of carts are and why are they intended:

Cargo carts with manual control.

With a platform.

Hydraulic cargo carts.

With electric control (self -propelled).

Cargo carts have a platform or are two -wheeled. They are used to transport boxes with a weight of not more than 300 kg. Most often they are purchased by grocery or household appliances stores.

A platform trolley is more suitable for a warehouse or a large hypermarket. She accommodates a large amount of cargo that can be transported to the hall so as not to be worn by hand.

Hydraulics is useful where the goods lie on pallets. It is also most often a warehouse, a hypermarket or railway station. They differ in the width and length of the fork, type of wheel and carrying capacity.

Manual control and hydraulic drive facilitate work with such a cart. With transportation and loading – unloading will fully cope and one person. This mechanism is extremely convenient to work, and it is easy to repair. The high carrying capacity of such equipment and the low cost of the equipment became the main criteria when choosing this equipment. Robla, and this is what hydraulic carts are called, is always especially popular in the Russian market.

There are hydraulic carts with scales that allow you to find out a lot of transported cargo.

The electric control cart will cost a little more, but this is the most perfect type of equipment at this time in the warehouse. It will come in handy in a warehouse where there is a large cargo turnover.

With the help of a self -propelled cart, work in a warehouse is accelerated significantly, which contributes to high labor productivity.

The rise of the forks in this technique is carried out due to electricity or hydraulics.

The trolley moves at low speed and has a comfortable bandwidth.

If desired, you can mount the operator cabin to control. Often such a trolley is used instead of a loader or stack.

What is the advantage of different lengths and heights:

Short forks allow you to easily maneuver between racks.

Long forks can raise two pallets at once, which increases the carrying capacity and accelerates the transportation.

Low -profile forks, the height of which from the floor of only 35 mm allows you to transport equipment and goods that arrived on Chinese and American pallets, which is much more convenient and accelerates the process of unloading.

The choice of this technique is incredibly wide, so the buyer can determine the necessary and convenient equipment for equipping a store or warehouse.