We pierce the ears of your beloved daughter and take care of them

When a girl is born in the family, definitely, there is a set of earrings for her, which at one time went to her mother from her beloved grandmother.

The question arises of that the daughter needs to pierce the ears, so that she then can wear these earrings and wear with pride. And here you need to solve one dilemma, but whether it is worth piercing the ears now or you need to wait and in general, how many years should the child be and how it needs to be done.

At what age can you pierce your ears to the child, consider. There are different opinions on this topic, for example, that it is better to pierce the ears of the child until they reach the half years, so the pain inflicted will be forgotten quickly, and the feeling of fear will not torment him so much. Others believe that there is no need to pierce the ears until the child reaches three years. Here, every parent must decide for himself.

But when making a decision, you need to understand that by piercing the baby’s ears, quite in a small age, there is a possibility that the baby will constantly pull the ears, an accidentally unbuttoned earrings can fly off the baby’s ear and get the child in his hands, there is a danger that the child can be what a child can Swallow the earrings. Therefore, before piercing the child’s ears, you need to weigh the pros and cons, and make the right decision.

But if you still decided to go to this step, you need to start with the selection of a salon, where they are engaged in piercing your ears. Before you go, wash your child’s head, as unclean hair can cause inflammation. After piercing your ears, pick up the child’s hair, so that the ears are open. Holes in the ears require daily processing, until they are completely healing. It is better to treat with alcohol solution, while scrolling through.

But in the early days, this is not necessary, we are talking about scrolling. In the case when the child begins to complain of painful sensations, you will notice that the ears are reddened and even swollen, you can make lotions from potassium permanganate, while the solution should be weak. And if the symptoms do not pass, or deteriorate, you need to urgently seek help from a doctor.

But as a rule, the current method of piercing the ears, using special pistols, is quite safe. The procedure occurs very quickly, sometimes the child does not even have time to feel anything. Pistol like a stapler, quickly puts earrings on the ears. At the same time, the seals themselves are made of special metal.

Of course, it is very beautiful when the girl has a puncture ears. But it may still be worth waiting, and wait for the daughter to decide to pierce the ears.