Wedding accessories: what to choose?

Wedding accessories are things that are purchased in addition to the wedding outfits of the bride and groom. They can be obligatory and not obligatory, but quite acceptable at the request of the newlyweds.

There were much more accessories for the bride, as well as for any woman. That’s why, we decided to start a review from accessories for the newlywed, but a small recommendation, we should not purchase the accessory you like until the purchase of the dress. But when you already know the style, style and color of your dress, then you can safely select the wedding accessories you attracted to create a harmonious image.

Fata – is the main and traditional accessory of the bride. From ancient times, she was considered a symbol of marriage, and gave the appearance to the overall completeness. Modern images of brides are not limited in choosing the shape and long veils. But, it is still accepted that the size of the veil directly affects the significance of the celebration.

Wedding Wreath – is a real work of art, in our time. It is composed of small living or artificial colors, with inserts and wovers of sparkling rhinestones, pearls, sparkles, satin ribbons.

A diadem is a type of crown, decorated with rhinestones and stones with a weave of thin metal threads. Add pictures of your ideal image to a wedding album for photos so that for many years they become your perfect way.

Gloves are not a mandatory accessory that is perfectly suitable for a sleeveless dress and strap. They can be very long, above the elbow and classic, short. The choice of gloves depends on the style of the dress, on the level of reception and, of course, from the time of year.

Garter, this accessory has become almost integral recently. It is associated with the European tradition of throwing the garter into the crowd of unmarried friends, which has taken root and. In the wedding version, it is a regular elastic band or tape, beautifully decorated with rhinestones, beads and lace.

Butonniere – as a rule, serves as an accessory for a male suit, but modern newlyweds often buy two pairs – one for themselves, and the second for the witness and witness.

Bulf or groom’s tie is also a traditional wedding accessory. Without a tie, it is impossible to imagine the image of the groom with the end. It is selected either in tone for a suit, or a contrasting color.

Cufflinks and ties for a tie are not so much accessories as just male jewelry.

Wedding fan, usually made of bird feathers or fluff, from wood or lace. The bride’s outfit plays an exclusively decorative role.