What are the accessories for knitting

Any master in order to start some kind of work will look for tools only of good quality. We will try in our article to give the necessary information to those people who want to do knitting on knitting needles.


In any knitting, knitting needles are the main tool. It is they who need to be chosen correctly. First of all, they should not only be well polished, but also light. In addition, if they are too sharp, then it will be inconvenient for you to work. In the online store you can buy all the accessories that you need to knit.

What are the knitting needles

Knitting needles are different types. For example:

Wooden or steel.

Aluminum or plastic.

Bone or chrome.

If we talk about aluminum knitting needles, then not light enough, but have a great drawback. They stain yarn. As for the steel spokes, they are too heavy. Bought fluffy yarn, then it is best for you to buy plastic or wooden knitting needles in the store.

Of all the variants of wooden spokes, the best today are considered bamboo knitting needles, they are easier for all by weight. If you decide to do knitting, then when choosing such products, you must take into account the thickness of the threads.

In addition, you need to decide why the product is intended, and what the nature of the weaving have threads. In order for the knitting needles to be quickly distinguished, they have dimensions, in other words, there is a number on the spoke and it must correspond to the diameter in millimeters.

As we already said, the number of the spokes must be selected in accordance with the thickness of the thread itself and how tightly you will knit. To be more accurate, it should be a few times thicker than yarn itself.

Knitting needle can be determined whether to add a thread together. In this case, the thread is slightly twisted, it is such a thickness that can be in the knitting needle. In addition to spokes, there are other interesting tools.

Types of spokes

Knitting needles can be divided into several types. It can be.

For example, if you take ordinary knitting needles, then they have only one working end, and on the other end there is a special ball. With such knitting needles you can knit parts that have closed -type edges from several sides. They can serve in order to tie the details of the clothing of large sizes. For example, it can be scarves and scarves.

If we talk about the length of such knitting needles, then it can range from 20 centimeters to 40 centimeters. If the product is small, then it is best to use knitting needles in which the length will be 25 cm. With large products, it is necessary to buy knitting needles from which 40 cm length, this is done so that all the loops are placed on them.

In second place are circular knitting needles. They already have two workers of the end. Such knitting needles are usually connected by fishing line or a special flexible cable.

In addition, such knitting needles are considered universal and you can knit any details on them. It can be sweaters, hats and various details. It is very convenient to knit a product that can be without seams. If you want to get more information about knitting accessories, then you can buy a book.