What ceiling is suitable for the bathroom?

When repair work reaches the bathroom, a question arises regarding the choice of material for the ceiling in this room with a high humidity level. This factor will become the main criterion, we will choose moisture -resistant materials and list the advantages and disadvantages. Now there are a lot of options for moisture -resistant ceilings, so it is easy to get confused in them.

Features of the bathroom

The bathroom has more features than any other room in the apartment:

Humidity. This criterion is obvious, but it is impossible not to mention it, because it does not allow the use of some materials. The ceiling should also be protected from the directed pressure of the water, because there are situations when during the adoption of the shower, a person accidentally directs it upward. Yes, it quickly stops, but some materials become unusable. If you want to completely protect yourself, then take the material that is able to withstand flooding, because in houses bathrooms are located above the other.

Ease of care. For the bathroom, demanding ceilings that need to be washed or vacuumed are not suitable for the bathroom. You cannot do it quickly.

Design. Experts do not recommend a lot of time to devote the bathroom design, purchase a ceiling that will cope with the tasks.

Option 1. Suspended ceiling

There are many materials for suspended ceilings, only two of them are suitable for the bathroom – sheets of drywall and mineral wool. The second option is less common because drywall is cheaper and more functional, it will make even a multi -level ceiling, but this is needed for knowledge.

The suspended ceiling is not suitable for small bathrooms, as they will visually become even smaller! Suspended ceilings are reliable and a large guarantee. In bathrooms with low ceilings, this option is excluded.

Option 2. Painted ceiling

For most people, paint is a material that is afraid of water, but the technology is not standing still, every year more and more impregnations of excellent quality appear. They are created for the final processing of painted ceilings. The impregnations are different, one of the variations is precisely water resistance, thanks to which the paint competes with other materials even in the bathroom.

The main advantage of painting is to create original solutions for little money. Of the shortcomings, the appearance and the short service life are distinguished.

Option 3. PVC panels

The most popular option for creating a ceiling in the bathroom is plastic panels, because they combine a number of advantages at once:

Value for money.


Simplicity of installation.

The level of moisture resistance.


Lack of care requirements.

The advantages also include the fact that the height of the ceiling does not decrease much, so it is also allowed to finish the ceiling with plastic panels in the bathroom.

Option 4. Stretch ceiling

The stretch ceiling has the same advantage over competitors, it is able to withstand a lot of water that appears if your neighbors flooded you. With a sealed installation of a stretch ceiling, the volume of water that it is able to hold is about 100 liters. Another stretch ceilings are environmentally friendly and durable, the guarantee for them is at least 10 years!

Stretch ceilings have two drawbacks:


The complexity of the installation. You cannot correctly install a stretch ceiling yourself, some of the work needs to be entrusted to specialists.

Option 5. REECHIC CENTER (aluminum)

Reese ceilings are a new version of the decoration, but it is not inferior to others in many factors: they are durable, environmentally friendly, reliable and waterproof. Pay special attention to the design of aluminum rack ceilings, they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Such a ceiling looks prestigious and expensive.

The disadvantages of the rack ceilings also have. They look harmonious only in an expensive interior, they will not work in ordinary bathrooms. People also complain that a large amount of dirt accumulates between the rails, which is difficult to fight, and the appearance spoils.


If you want the ceiling in the bathroom to fulfill its main task, then your choice is ceilings from plastic panels, since they have many advantages over other options. If design is important for you, it is recommended to pay attention to stretch ceilings and suspended (from drywall).

Remember that all the options presented above are good, choose the ceiling in the bathroom, based on the conditions of use and tasks that are required of it.