What does the teacher look like in the eyes of the student

According to all the laws of logic in the eyes of a student, the teacher should look like a kind of “monster”. After all, it is precisely the teachers who are overwhelmed with study, load on exams, send to retake. And if you have to retake one exam several times, then the student is unlikely to have any positive emotions to the teacher.

But times are changing. Today, relations between students and teachers have a completely different color. If in the past the relationship between them did not go beyond official meetings, then in our time the distance has decreased. Although teachers are simply forced to adhere to some distance in relation to students. After all, if students are with the teacher on an equal footing, then no one will listen to the teacher.

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In the West, the relationship between the student and the teacher has long been friendly. People can meet outside the educational institution and speak on personal topics [12]. Respect for the teacher at the University Student and the teacher adhere to etiquette.

Often the reason for the misunderstanding between the teacher and the student is the difference in age and life experience. Just as parents sometimes find it difficult to find a common language with their own children.

Despite the stereotypes, most students respect and love their teachers. This is evidenced by many posts on various forums.