What equipment is needed for a beauty salon

Let’s say right away that it is not just to open such a salon today and make it attractive. In order to do this case, you need to have at least ten thousand dollars, if you want to open a small hairdresser, you can much reduce the costs. In principle, it does not matter what equipment you will have, always a success factor is the skill of employees.

How to open an enterprise

To open such a salon, it is necessary to decide that you will have a hairdresser or high -tech health center. If it is a hairdresser, then there will be a minimum set of services, for example, a manicure.

If it is a health center, then here you need a more serious equipment of beauty salons. The best option is to find a room and choose it in sleeping areas, and if possible, then in the city center. If we talk about the room itself, then it should not be small. This must be taken into account when choosing.

Moreover, hot water should be summed up here. There must be ventilation and air conditioning. As for the equipment, you can buy:

• Hairdressing chair, gas -liquid peeling apparatus, dryer and climate.

• Need a tool cabinet and other equipment.

All this can cost within one and a half thousand dollars. If you make manicure and pedicure, you need to have:

• A special chair.

• Hydromassage bath.

• manicure table and sterilizers.

Each master should have several shifts of working underwear. It is necessary to have a large supply of napkins and towels, a lot of balms, shampoos and various means.

In order not to be bored, you need to purchase interesting magazines for customers. As for the hairdressers, they usually work with their tools, you can save money here.

Perhaps when you open the salon, you will decide to sell medicinal and cosmetic drugs. This can bring additional income within 15 percent of the total revenue.

How to open

To do this, you need to register an entrepreneur. It is necessary to register with the tax inspectorate. Further, you are doing the rental of the premises and you need to get a certificate from firefighters.

If your salon is located on the ground floor, then you must agree with your neighbors. It would be nice to enlist their consent in writing. You can’t work without this.

Here you can add in order to engage in such a thing only a person who has an idea of ​​how all procedures are performed, and has extensive experience in this area.