What fashion trends should be taken into account when choosing a coat?

Coat is a traditional type of women’s clothing. Many styles have their own history of origin and have already managed to become classic elements of clothing.

Nevertheless, modern style makes its own adjustments, and therefore choose a fashionable coat that takes into account all the current trends is quite difficult. However, for you, as for a reader of this review, it was already “difficult”, because using the advice of style experts, you can easily make a fashionable and relevant purchase for this season. So, what chips of the fashion industry should you pay attention to.

The volume of the silhouette

Modern designers offer the public to pay a decent portion of attention to a free -spatial look at the female silhouette. Most of the models of the coat have a free cut, thereby creating the effect of too large on the female figure. The oversize style will require courage and determination from you, because you will look at least extravagant, and often – unusual and even defiant. In general, your image will definitely be able to attract the attention of others.

An additional creative option, which is fully consistent with the trend of a voluminous silhouette – these are cakes, poncho, long mantles, coats – coat, coat -shacial. All these options are considered an excellent addition to the image with an evening dress.

Back to the Classic

It is impossible to lower the tendency of return to classical models in our review. Many designers today gravitate precisely to the classic cut. Almost every designer in the arsenal has several models of a coat with a direct or trapezoidal silhouette, while they replace in the collections losing popularity of a “sand clock” type. Return to the classical traditions of sewing cannot but delight business ladies, perfectly combining such clothes in their business wardrobe.

Half -wrapped

Most of the Fashion Industry experts predict that in the near future the semi -coat will be considered as a separate element of clothing, and will not be one of the types of coats. However, today such a demarcation does not affect the fact that the half -wrapper clearly and stably inherit all the trends from the world of uncomfortable options. There is a place for both classic styles, and for experiments in the style of oversize, militarians and grunks. Choose, starting from your courage and desire to be in the underground.

Inheritance of the male style

“Masculin” cut this season acquires more and more fans. Naturally, the choice in favor of such coats is made by the, extremely confident personalities who put their opinion above what others think about them. Things with a “male” character are by no means a tribute to Feminism, it is a natural movement of fashion towards the universalization and unification of objects of the male and female wardrobe.

Fashion trends

A classic cut with a fur trim – a classic coat will be a great solution for a modern business lady. The fur trim of the collar gives the model of sophistication and chic, thanks to which you can safely use this option as part of the evening wardrobe.

Actual half -wrapper with a fur collar is another model relevant for this season. The neat style will emphasize all the features of the female silhouette. The fur trim of the collar gives your image of luxury and sophistication.

The original model with decorative elements and a fur trim of a collar is an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Thanks to the original decorative elements on this model, you will be really irresistible. The fur trim will emphasize your ability to buy exquisite things.