What feeds to feed a dog

A dog is the same living creature as a person. Only a puppy requires more care, constant vaccinations and examinations of veterinarians. It is also necessary to feed the dog only fresh and healthy food. People often think that all sorts of stomach problems from malnutrition can arise only with them, but, after all, animals also have stomachs, although they are a little stronger than people, but still amenable to the harmful effects of toxic products.

Many owners feed their dogs with ordinary feeds that were bought in the store. For example, Pedigree and Chappy are middle -quality feed, which includes only soy, stabilizers and flavor enhancers, and this is not very useful for dogs and small puppies. Of course, not all owners can afford to constantly buy their puppy of premium food, but, because you can buy cheaper, but of higher quality. For example, Purina dog food is dry food that relates to sufficiently high quality. This feed contains all the necessary micro and macro elements, as well as vitamins. Feeding a dog with such food will allow to grow and develop fully.

It is worth thinking about the nutrition of your pets, you do not need to get involved in dry feeds that are sold in stores if you take care of the health of your pet, then feed it with simple home food, give him what you eat yourself. For dogs, meat is very useful, but, in no case is it raw. Since raw meat reduces the life of the animal. From childhood, you need to teach a dog to eat porridge, they are very useful for animals, add strength and energy. And feed is just a means of riding the dog of hunger, sometimes some feed can cause serious allergic reactions in dogs, so you should not expose your pet such torment.