What gift to choose for a child for 2 years?

Children – special connoisseurs of gifts. Even crumbs smile joyfully at the sight of a new machine or ball. It would seem that the stores of children’s goods are crowded, and choosing a birthday present for the baby will not be difficult, but, getting into this special world of plastic trucks and plush bears, even experienced parents are lost.

It is especially difficult to choose a gift to very young children who have already grown from sliders and nipples, but are just beginning to show their “I”. For example, we will consider what a gift to the child should be for 2 years.

The best gift is toy!

Any baby most of all, of course, will be glad to a new toy. But you need to choose such a gift wisely. Given the small age of the child, it is not advisable to buy toys with small details and complex mechanisms. Such toys can be unsafe! Carefully study the description of the toy on the package. Self -respecting manufacturers necessarily indicate the age for which it is designed.

An excellent gift can be a bright music toy with a large number of buttons, reproducing pleasant melodies, calling colors, forms or sounds of animals. Typically, such multifunction toys are decorated in the form of a musical instrument or small panel.

A large selection for two -year -old children is offered by manufacturers of developing wooden toys. Such a gift will be not only useful, but also absolutely safe, due to its environmental friendliness. Pay attention to wooden designers, consisting of large multi -colored bruises of various shapes, pyramids, boards – liners and laces. These toys develop imagination, fine motor skills and, importantly, children like.

Do not give fluffy soft toys. They can cause an allergy in a small child. If you want to give a soft -well toy, choose knitted bear, hare or doll without glued eyes and nose. Such toys can be washed, they are safe and pleasant to the touch. Perhaps it is with your “soft friend” that you will fall asleep.

Choose plastic toys with particular caution. Do not buy toys of poisonous color, with a pungent smell. They can be very dangerous for the health of a child, who still tastes toys sometimes toys. For games on the street, you can give a high -quality set for games in the sandbox or a big comfortable dump truck.

Useful gifts for a child 2 years old

Of course, such a baby still does not understand well that the jacket donated to him is a really necessary and useful thing. Therefore, parents should not give useful and practical gifts to their children. But all other relatives and friends can afford it. Such gifts will please the mother of the baby rather, but this is very good. Satisfied mother is a happy child!

Great choice – high -quality children’s clothing, children’s hygiene products, unique children’s photo albums, children’s bedding, furniture for a children’s room. You can ask the child’s parents in advance about such a gift so that he is really desirable and necessary.

A few more interesting ideas for a gift

For a two -year -old crumb, there is a huge selection of interactive, music books. They will give the baby a lot of pleasure! An alternative to a gift bought can be a certificate for visiting a children’s entertainment center, a ticket to a circus or dolphinarium – let him have fun and gain new impressions! An interesting surprise will be a professional children’s costumed photo shoot or a set for the manufacture of blind handles and legs of a child.