What gift to give Gemini, Libra and Aquarius in 2015?

Patroness 2015 will be blue-green, wooden goat. Let’s think about what to give people to the air signs of the zodiac – twins, scales and Aquarius?

Gemini in 2015 will be delighted with a fashion gift, such as an electronic book, the last model of a smartphone or player, or just accessories for such models. The main thing is to show attention and diligence. The value of the presentation is not so relevant. Most likely, they will be happy with an interesting book. After all, the twins attach the meaning not to the external forms, but to the internal content. Gemini are beautiful owners, so they can easily give them something practical for the home. You can easily buy all the necessary home products in retown for a twin woman or man.

Libra does not like banality, but value sophistication. Everyday technology or kitchen utensils will disappoint them. However, a spiritual gift, such as amorous poems or songs, will lead them into a state of indescribable delight. Such gifts Libra remember for a long time. In addition to a romantic gift, they will give up gifts made with their own hands. The high cost of such gifts is not taken into account. In addition, they can present a variety of original accessories. This is an umbrella, gloves, a handbag and other stylish little things.

Originality in gifts for Aquarius should be in everything. The donated accessory related to the use of complex technologies will cause them a delight. As an option, consider a newfangled mouse for a computer as a gift. Extraordinary interior decorations, such as a glass or wooden flower bouquet, will be very helpful. A picture with a stunning plot or some fashionable thing from clothes will not leave Aquarius indifferent.

The above tips are universal in nature, but can be very sensible in choosing a New Year’s gift. But, if you are aware of the interests and tastes of representatives of air signs, then listen to the inner voice.