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What gift you can surprise the girl

Thanks to women, humanity has such a huge number of beautiful paintings and musical works, it was the woman who at all times devoted the best poems and it was for the sake of women that the most crazy acts were performed.

Today, the times of knights and romantics are the case of the past, but for all men?

Looking at the specially ordered billboards with photos of loved ones or pairs, romantically dinner in a cozy cafe, it becomes clear that real men who were still able to surprise and do it pleasantly to their women.

Only in our time, when almost everything can be bought or get, surprise a modern woman with a gift becomes more and more difficult. Here comes the rescue of unlimited fantasy and unreal desire to make a pleasant. And most importantly, real actions often do not require big money, but have an amazing effect.

So, after all, with the help of what methods any day can be turned into a holiday? Consider the several most popular and common.

The first method. Good morning darling

The mood created in the morning is the key to a wonderful day and a magnificent evening, which can be illuminated by SMS to your beloved girl. Do not be too lazy to get up a little earlier, prepare aromatic invigorating coffee (or tea from her favorite varieties), put a rose on a pillow next to it and observe how aromas contribute to awakening. Even if you have been together for not the first year, this method has been working without fail.

If you still live separately, this is not an obstacle to say “good morning, beloved”. Write on a sheet of paper about your feelings and turn in the form of a scroll (to give greater originality you can slightly plow the edges, holding above the fire). Bind the ribbon. Put the rose in size in size and hang on the front door handle.

The second method. Love flame

To do this, you need small candles (you can use floating candles flavored or not). Create with the help of them a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom. Pick up water with foam. Eat the floor with rose petals. Light candles, put out the light and wait until your woman enters the bathroom.

If for some reason there is no way to arrange romance in the bathroom, candles can be used differently. Put them a “path” in the entrance in front of the door, at the end of which put a note with a soft toy or in the autumn park with the help of such candles a large heart and become in the middle of it with collected maple leaves or a bouquet of flowers (having previously appointed a meeting in this place).

The third method. Balloons are in a hurry to help

In each balloon, before inflating it, put a curled note with tender words. If you inflate the balls with a special pump, they can be laid out on the floor by creating the effect of a ball field. Thanks to the nested notes, even the balls bursting over time will continue to give joy.

You can certainly inflate balls and helium, then they hang under the ceiling, creating the effect of a ballpoint dome. Or to the bouquet of helium balls, you can tie a love note, and, tied to a long rope, let go to the window on the right floor. Balls, in any case, is one of the win -win options for those who want to make it nice to their girlfriend.

And most importantly, whatever way you choose, so that you do not come up with from yourself, do not be afraid to do great or stupid deeds for your halves. If you once chose them, they deserve special attention on your part. Therefore, write their names on the asphalt under the windows, sing serenades, arrange romantic evenings or dinners on the roof … And you will understand that it is nice not only to receive gifts, but also to give gifts. And your girlfriend’s happy eyes will be the main confirmation that you did everything right.