What is sports nutrition

When practicing in the hall on simulators, with weights, rods, dumbbells, in order to lose weight or increase muscle mass, you probably consume sports nutrition. Do you know what it happens?

If you want to understand the questions related to sports nutrition, effective exercises that you lack, as well as how to eat properly during training, look here where you will find a large amount of information on the topic.

Types of sports nutrition

To date, there are many types of sports nutrition, which is intended for certain purposes. The most common species are considered as follows:




Amino acids.

Fat burners.

Each of these types will help to achieve good results depending on what goal your training pursues.


This sports nutrition contains an increased amount of protein, about 70-90%, which makes this supplement the most suitable during training to build muscle mass. Also, such a protein cocktail will be extremely effective when losing weight.


Despite the fact that these additives are also a large amount of protein, about 50%, it also contains 30% carbohydrates, which gives this sports nutrition to the body to provide the body with energy. This ability of a cocktail can significantly increase the efficiency of training. But, unlike protein additives, geysers are completely contraindicated to people who are trying to lose weight with training.


This species is ideal for losing weight, as they allow you to accumulate a sufficient amount of energy before training. True, you should not abuse this nutrition, since when consuming a cocktail, the nervous system is excited.