What is the best bedding?

At least 6 hours a day, people spend in a dream. And in order for the dream to be good, and the body was pleased to sleep, you need to choose the right bedding. Today you are offered a huge assortment of bedding from different countries and different material. So let’s briefly consider that there is something.

Well, firstly, linen is one and a half, double and single-syn. Secondly, it is sewn from such fabrics: linen, cotton, silk, satin, satin jacquard and much other. And thirdly-you can buy bedding on you, you can not only purchase the highest quality domestic bedding, but also find out about the production of bedding in Ivanovo, in particular about the production of bed linen Balio.

The most popular linen is satin. It is not very expensive and pleasant to the touch. In the summer it is cool to sleep on it, and in winter it warms. His fabric is smooth and dense. You can use for a long time. And most importantly, it dries very quickly.

Cotton and Byazi bedding is also a good option. This is a soft fabric that isolates moisture. So you will not sweat when you sleep. Such fabrics do not contain synthetic fibers. They are durable. So you can wash linen at least two hundred times, it will still remain delicate and pleasant. Like satin, this fabric dries quickly enough.

There are three types of silk linen: artificial, natural and satin-slide. In the first case, there is a viscose and polyester in such fabrics. Such bedding is usually cold and slippery. Natural silk is made of natural silk thread.

Such fabrics are made of satin and satin threads. Linen does not slip, pleasant to the body and does not irritate the skin. The third type of silk linen consists of artificial silk and cotton fabric. Moreover, silk in this case is used only superficially to give linen a little shine and style. It has steam – and breathability, and also provides high hygroscopicity.