What reasons for irregular menstruation should be aware of every girl?

Sooner or later, but every girl is faced with such a phenomenon in her body as monthly days. Their regular cyclic presence indicates whether a girl or woman is absolutely healthy and ready for the process of continuing the genus.

The features of the days are as follows:

They have a cyclic character, and each cycle (with the normal functioning of the female body) lasts about 21-31 days. Deviations are possible for 5-7 days and in the other side.

Monthly days are accompanied by heaviness in the lower abdomen, lower back pain and so on. Moreover, every woman has its own specific signs, preceding the monthly and related to them.

But, unfortunately, like any mechanism, the body has its own malfunctions, which, in particular, can manifest itself in the downed (irregular) parish of menstruation.

What is an irregular cycle?

If you have a failure in the body, about the nature of the origin of which you do not know anything, but, due to which you have an irregular cycle, then you must study this article to understand what happened to you.

How to recognize that you have an “irregular cycle”? Such a cycle happens if:

You have a delay between menstruation from 40 to 60 days,

The difference between the past and the critical days that have come is 21-25 days (that is, less than the norm).

Reasons for the irregular cycle of critical days

To begin with, there are physiological and pathological causes of irregular menstruation.

Physiological consequences include:

consequences of abortion (or curettage),

postpartum consequences when the cycle is lost without having time to recover,

The negative impact of severe and hard diets, which I knock down the hormonal background in the female body, and, in principle, disrupt the health of a woman, which leads to a violation of the cycle (a delay in which even more than two to three months can last),

the use of low -quality drugs or sports nutrition, which can also disrupt hormonal background and women’s tampons will not be required.

Pathological reasons include such reasons as swollen, cyst, endometrial polyps (chronic inflammatory disease) and so on.

In this case, in this case, in an understandable language, they lead to hormonal failure (just like the specified diets above).

Cyst gives their negative effects through the ovarian tumor, violating their functioning.

Thus, in addition to the excellent reason for the absence of menstruation – pregnancy – there are many other negative reasons. Take care of yourself, your body, and especially your female organs, because you are future mothers!