What services are provided in nutritional clinics?

Many people suffering from excess weight were convinced of their own experience how difficult it is to become slim and begin to comply with the rules of healthy diet. After all, extra pounds are not only a problem of appearance, but also a real threat to health. Improper nutrition, lack of physical activity, chronic diseases, complexes and bad habits – with these problems you can and should be fought in a timely manner. Dietetics doctors can help in this.

Dietological clinics provide patients with an individual approach and a wide list of services, the main purpose of which is not only weight loss, but also consolidating the results for a long time. It is important to note that medical control over the well -being of the patient during weight loss is extremely important, because the process of gaining and loss of weight is always reflected in the state of the body. To date, it is safe to say that dietological clinics are becoming more and more popular, and if you are not visiting such a clinic, then you simply do not know where it is located. For example, dietetological clinics in Kyiv here Dietologia are presented in full, and you can always find the closest clinic to you. In this online clinic catalog, you can find a complete description of all dietetological clinics of Kyiv.

A visit to a dietetological clinic, as a rule, begins with a consultation of specialists: a nutritionist and a psychologist. The patient is prescribed tests, the necessary measurements are carried out. Based on the results of the examinations, a treatment plan is drawn up, diets and procedures are developed.

As a rule, the program of loss of excess weight includes the following stages:

– Consultation of specialists: nutritionist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist;

– regular consultations of a psychologist who will help not only find out the reasons for overeating, but also cope with his fears, raise self -esteem and arrange life priorities;

– development of an optimal diet and training system;

– massage;

– observation of well -being and regular repeated measurements and tests;

– Help in consolidating the result.

Special programs are developed for pregnant women, nursing women, for elderly people and for children, for patients with diabetes mellitus, patients who have undergone prolonged rehabilitation after severe injuries or operations.