What should be a manicure for the bride?

A wedding is a special day, and the bride, of course, would like to be the most beautiful at this holiday, to amaze everyone with its beauty. A woman during the wedding should be the queen. Therefore, absolutely all details are required to fit perfectly, match the holiday. Makeup, outfit, hairstyle – all this is necessarily thought out.

Manicure, of course, also occupies far from the last place in the list, since one of the beautiful fingers will be the desired ring. Today, manicure services can come in handy right on the day of the wedding, and the day before it. It all depends on the marriage time. What should be the manicure of a stylish and modern bride? A little about the advice of designers from all over the world and fashion trends.

There is nothing more elegant and sophisticated than the usual French manicure. It can be based not only with a standard beige color, but also many other delicate tones, a pearly tone is also possible. If the bride has bright accents in accessories or clothes, then here you can use them. Contrasting tips can be decorated with sparkles and rhinestones.

With the help of brilliant particles, the so -called hiccup manicure is obtained. He has been at the peak of his popularity for several years. No one said that the bride should make a classic manicure herself. On the graceful nails of the bride, pink, light-peach, white or beige “caviar” look great.

Lunar manicure is like Franch, but quite the opposite, which is very popular with brides. The contrasting color passes at the bottom of the nail, and not at the top, that is, along the hole of the cuticle. The main thing is to choose a harmonious combination of colors.

Aquidesin is now used not so often. This style is very rich and bright. It goes perfectly with the dim parts of the wardrobe, and the bride’s dress is extremely difficult to name. The exception here is neat flower patterns in pastel colors.