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What should be children’s shoes?

When choosing shoes, especially children, you need to take into account the mass of the criterion that medical workers comment on. These principles are put forward based on many years of research, which are conducted by many experts in their field.

Children’s shoes should be in the first place to meet all safety criteria. Shoes should be created, guided by the orthopedic principles of the structure of children’s shoes. Also, shoes should be created only from high -quality and environmentally friendly materials. It is such shoes that is Kapika children’s shoes, which you can purchase in various online stores. For example, in the Berito online store you can find a large assortment of shoes of this manufacturer at affordable prices.

Scientists have already proved that almost one hundred percent of children are born with absolutely healthy legs. Subsequently, about fifty percent of the onset of life suffers from a disease, and other cases are not at all to be medical treatment. As statistics show, such cases are growing more and more every year.

Basically, the main causes of all kinds of injuries and diseases are precisely those factors when the leg was overloaded, this was the reasons earlier. But, now, the main reasons for the problems with the legs are that children wear low -quality and wrong shoes. Directly, the deformation of the leg occurs only in the process of movement, when wearing that shoes that are selected extremely incorrectly. Harmful shoes for a child can be both narrow shoes and wide. The studies have established the fact that the most dangerous shoes for the child are shoes with pointed socks.

If the child wears narrow shoes, then his legs slide down to the base of the sock when moving, which leads to pinching of the fingers, and then the entire leg completely. No need to allow children to wear such shoes. And for girls, the most dangerous shoes are heels that spoils not only legs, but also the spine.