What should be children’s shoes?

Until about four years, a child is formed in a child. It consists of 26 bones that are connected by ligaments and cartilage. At this age, and especially at the stages, when the child takes the first steps, the foot is undergoing a large load.

Thus, under the influence of adverse factors, such as uncomfortable or incorrectly selected shoes, a child may have a deformation of the foot. Therefore, in order to enclose a child from such diseases, it is necessary to especially approach the issue of shoe selection seriously.

The assortment of children’s shoes is very large, the choice is just huge. Manufacturers try to lead fashion for children, so a variety of fashionable classic shoes, sneakers, sneakers, elegant sandals appear on the shelves. Today, girls shoes are presented in the widest assortment. There are sandals closed and open, and slap, and ballet shoes, and classic shoes, and shoes of a wide variety of models and colors. However, not every model is suitable for the child.

Young mothers often pay attention to the shoes on the heel, and the child from such beauty comes into indescribable delight. But just such shoes should not be bought. The heel, of course, must certainly be, but not higher than 1 cm, since when walking on a heel, the center of gravity goes forward and so as not to fall and maintain balance, the child is forced to leave back. Thus there is a curvature of the spine.

The child’s shoes should be as convenient as possible, made of safe materials, sitting on the leg freely, and not on the end. The baby’s leg, unlike an adult leg, has a slightly different shape and therefore children’s shoes have an extended sock. Therefore, in no case should the child buy a classic with a narrowed nose. In addition, the length of the insole boot should be longer than 1-1.5 cm longer than the size of the foot. Shoes should be soft and elastic so that it is easy to move in it. Mandatory the presence of a solid backdrop and an arch.

Orthopedic children’s shoes are most popular, which is thought out to the smallest detail and is the highest quality, practical and comfortable shoes.