What should be clothes for girls?

You can’t meet old -fashioned identical dresses in children’s stores, since there have been a lot of firms that produce children’s clothing, and they are focused on attracting a client to their products that want exclusively fashionable things.

And if earlier things with images of cartoon heroes were in a single copy, now they can be found on almost every product – this is a modern fashion.

Of course, clothing for girls 12 years old is strikingly different from clothes for babies, so modern girls will no longer put on polka dot dresses or with ruffles, otherwise they will simply be laughed. The only type of clothing that girls of any age wear, including even their mothers and dads – jeans. They are sewn for everyone and use the latest latest trends – white spots, torn edges, embroidery. It is very convenient to wear trousers and pants in cold weather, copying boys, but such clothes are not so badly wet as tights and girls can calmly climb wet slides and fall into the grass.

Fashion dresses also did not go out – they are in every store, but their assortment increased a hundred times. Such abundance is not found in any department. Whatever it was necessary for any case – everything is: graduation dresses for school and kindergartens, children’s dresses for a wedding, simple everyday and with original ideas for various solemn events.

The girl can dress like a princess – pink dominates. For the smallest, an immense number of prejudice blouses, pants and sundresses have also been created – fashionable babies are already from the diaper. Things for girls emphasize their beauty and individuality and it is impossible to confuse them with anyone else – all are different, and clothes only contribute to self -expression. This is not bad, but you need to know the measure and not forget about harmony, choosing outfits.