What should be socks for the smallest

When a baby appears in our house, the socks for him become one of the first clothes. As parents understand, clothes for a child from the first days of life should be correctly selected, because at an early age our children are prone to allergies and rashes on the body.

And most often the reason for this becomes low -quality or synthetic materials. Thus, we will consider several nuances that we must take into account when choosing children’s socks.

Firstly, this is the quality. It is this criterion that is the most important in this case. Undoubtedly, every mother wants all the best for her child. It is such that socks from natural, environmental materials can be considered. No one says that the toe should be made of 100% of natural material, but this indicator should not be below 80%. The remaining interest should indicate the amount of materials such as Lycra or Polyamide, because without them, after several washes, socks will become like a rag.

Secondly, this is the size. Try to choose this type of clothing for the legs of a child of the right size. You must consider that the sizes of tights and socks are slightly different from the size of the shoes. However, in this case, you may not worry about this, because if you decide to purchase socks at Nosochnik. , then you can get advice on the composition and, of course, on the selection of the necessary sizes.

Thirdly, this is a color. As you probably already noticed, children’s things are always pleasantly pleasing to the eye with their bright colors and beautiful drawings. Therefore, such advice to parents: try to buy socks for boys and girls of such a color that will determine its belonging. So for girls warm colors and drawings with dolls and animals are suitable, and for boys – colder colors with images of cars, superheroes, etc. P.

Fourthly, this is Reznika. This criterion is also one of the most important. Be sure to make sure that the sock Reznik does not pull the children’s leg, which can disrupt blood circulation. Thus, the elastic band should be soft and at the same time elastic (it should easily return to its original position). In addition, a wide elastic band is considered more preferable, because the narrow one can dig into the baby’s leg, which also causes discomfort.

Remember that not only socks for the baby are required to choose carefully. The same approach should be for each subject of a children’s wardrobe.