What should be the parent for the child

The most important thing for the child is the family so always and it will be so. Family is the habitat of a child from a very early age due to which his worldview, personality, abilities and interests are formed. After all, adults give the child their accumulated social social experience, with the help of which they are formed in society as a person. The family affects the child throughout his life and vice versa, the child affects the family forcing her to constantly improve.

The child can perceive love in three manifestations, this emotional, physical and intellectual, if the child does not receive these manifestations of love, then the children’s psyche can stop in development and not show his abilities. In such children, inferiority complexes often develop, uncertainty and other.

Parents simply need to establish close relationships with their child, seeks to be a friend and comrade, be sure to listen to his opinion, and try to help him correct the shortcomings of behavior. If you are together with a quiet conversation to try to solve all family problems, then you can help your child learn to consult, communicate, and develop the logic of thinking from early childhood. Parents need to reckon with the feelings, emotions and needs of their child, as well as direct his judgment in the right direction and open his way to the truth. Always try to correct the thoughts and mistakes of your child, in the way of tactful and good reasonable clarification.

Children think that any fantasy and whim should be realized, whether it is a toy or children’s songs, you should not please the child in every way, it will be a mistake, because you can develop egocentrism in the child. But if you do everything on the overpass his desires, then he can grow an antagonist. Those requirements that are unreasonable should be answered so as not to humiliate the child, and on the other hand, it is unnecessary to indulge his whims. Do not allow him to violate order but do not become a dictator for him. You just need to go expensive moderation.

One of the most important mistakes of adults is that they believe that the child is the same as adults, but it is not the case he thinks and feels, communicates and fantasizes in a completely different way. It is unnecessary to believe that the child is interested in everything that is interesting for adults, all that adults do not like it, because children do not like it, because this is not so, the child can be like you, but you can be completely different – have different opinions and thoughts and thoughts. So you need to remember that the childhood that you had completely different from their time. It is necessary to take changes without prejudice if they violate the usual course of life for you.

Parents should be psychologically flexible and have courage to change in front of the child, so you can be an authority for him, and he will learn the same, it will help him live.

You simply will need to constantly replenish information reserves about children and their thinking in order to grow a worthy person for society and an assistant in life for you. Do not be a child with a strict parent – better, be a good adviser to him and a good friend.