What should be the perfect stroller

Young mothers know firsthand how important it is to choose the perfect walking stroller for their child. At the same time, the selected model should be convenient not only for the baby, but also for the mother, because she will have to add, lay out, transport, transport and carry the baby in this stroller.

Experts and experienced mothers claim that the 4Moms Origami trimming can be considered ideal, which has a number of undeniable advantages:

In order to decompose and put this stroller, do not make excessive efforts. Everything happens very easily, just turn only and press on a special button. After that, the stroller itself perform the necessary action for you to fold or layout.

This stroller provides a security system. Thanks to the built -in sensors, it is impossible to close the stroller if the baby is in it. This gives a guarantee that the stroller will not curl spontaneously.

On the handle of the stroller, the LCD panel is provided. It is designed so that you can look at the baby at any time. Relevant for those cases when the baby is located in a stroller face along the way. It is also important that this panel has additional functionality: displays the speed of the stroller, measures the air temperature and indicates the number of meters of the path passed on the walk.

The electronic system allows you to use the stroller as a source for charging gadgets and phones, since the panel provides for the entrance for USB.

It is possible to regulate and lower the stroller’s back.

The configuration includes a solid and very high -quality hood.

For the safety of the baby, seat belts are provided, which are convenient for the baby, primarily due to soft lining.

In the stroller, places for cup holders are allocated, and there are also functional pockets and baskets for bags with purchases.

The suspension of the stroller as softens the course, which is very important when walking along the not -even road.

For walking at twilight time, headlights are provided (in the amount of 4 pieces).