What to cook chicken dishes

Chicken a universal product that is suitable for athletes, children and even losing weight ladies. Chicken broth is widely used to raise immunity with colds or flu. Due to the fact that the chicken has the most important trace elements, it is much more useful than other types of meat.

Chicken salads.

The chicken is almost the main ingredient in the well -known and all our favorite salad “Caesar”. Our New Year’s salad “Olivier” was very transformed when, instead of a doctoral sausage, we began to use chicken and called this “capital” salad. The most interesting thing is that in order to prepare a salad with chicken, with this very chicken there is almost nothing to do, just boil it and cut it. You will find other interesting and tasty chicken dishes on the culinary portal Skolkovarim. .

So, if you want to make a salad with chicken:

1. Cut your favorite ingredients

2. Add boiled chicken meat

3. Refuel what you wish.

Voila! Chicken salad is ready! Name it in honor of your loved one and serve it on the table.

Chicken soups

Preparing them is easy.

1. It is enough to rinse the chicken, cut to the size that suits you and send you to boiling water.

2. Then think creatively.

You can add raw vegetables, finely chopped carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs. In this case, you will get a very tasty dietary and “healthy” soup.

Or you can give preference to rice or even buckwheat, fry carrots with onions and green Bulgarian pepper. Add sharp pepper to the broth with peas, and at the end the cut till.

3. Cook everything for 20 minutes. You get a spicy soup in the chicken broth seasoned at the end, seasoned with dill and spices. Agree, it sounds appetizing. Serve such a soup well with sour cream, it softens piquancy and makes your soup more tender.

Second chicken dishes.

The second dishes from chicken, it seems, have been cooked from time immemorial for centuries. Chicken baked in foil with vegetables or apples, or a handful, frying in a frying pan with garlic, mayonnaise or potatoes. These dishes have long become regulars of any festive table and even a restaurant menu. The Georgian dish “chakhokhbili”, very beloved because of simplicity in cooking, often appears on our tables, though it is usually called stewed chicken. After all, in order to cook this dish, you need:

1. cut chicken, fry a little until crust.

2. Then add onions, carrots, spices, pepper and tomatoes. Also, for piquancy, you need to drip a little apple cider vinegar.

3. Then stew all together.

4. When ready, you need to add a cut basil and parsley, close for 15 minutes so that the chicken is “breathing” and can be laid out on plates.

The aroma of vegetables, greens and spices will not leave indifferent a single gourmet.

As it turns out, cooking chicken dishes is easier. It is enough to be hungry and have a little imagination and your dish will be exquisite and unique.