What to wish a friend on a birthday

Happy birthday to congratulate friends is always interesting. After all, in response to wishes, you get so much: a smile, happy eyes, hugs and a charge of positive. Therefore, it is important not to skimp and choose a congratulation from the heart.

Of course, the best are the congratulations that you wrote yourself. But in time there is no opportunity to write, invent, compose. Therefore, congratulations on your friend’s birthday, you can use ready -made. You will only have to make them spectacular in a card or orally. But one text cannot get rid of. Therefore, it is also worth preparing several toasts.

If it is important for you not only to congratulate, but also to surprise, pay attention to your birthday scripts that will serve as a great surprise for any birthday. You just need to choose interesting contests, prepare the presenters, give them words. If necessary, the requisite should also be prepared, and prizes to all participants will not be superfluous.

Love to make bright surprises? Then rush to prepare a song, put a scene or a dance for the birthday. After all, it is precisely such surprises that are best remembered.

If you still do not know what exactly to wish a friend, then first remember what kind of one is your friend. It is important to consider absolutely everything: professional interests, hobbies, character characteristics, marital status. Based on these data, you will immediately understand that it is most significant for the birthday. After all, birthday greetings should be relevant and interesting. Only then will they be remembered and benefit.

If in the end you get a bulky congratulation, be sure to fix it on paper, send it in the form of an Internet message, write it in a card. After all, it is important not to lose wishes and beautiful words. And in this form the birthday person your congratulation will remain for a long memory.

You need to congratulate a friend on your birthday personally, but when there is no such opportunity, you should definitely call him. If your friendship is real, one SMS will be not enough. Only with the help of a voice can you convey your mood, emotionally paint the text and cheer up the birthday.

When choosing a congratulatory text, pay attention to the comic congratulations. It is important to take into account the sense of humor of the birthday and always know the measure. Also comic congratulations always serve as an excellent basis for toasts. Even if the prospect of a joint birth of a birthday is vague, toasts should be prepared

As a gift, you can create a cool certificate for a certain amount. This is original and you do not have to rack your head in search of the perfect gift. You can also offer a friend to buy him a gift together. Less original, but practical. Want to make a surprise? Even the most boring thing becomes festive if you pack it beautifully. Also remember this. In general, congratulating a friend happy birthday is original, very easy, simple and interesting.