When pendants and pendants become jewelry?

Kulons and pendants have only small differences, but in order not to miss, we will explain them immediately.

Pendant – a small product that is attached to the chain and put on the neck. The suspension can also be worn on the chest, but the shape of this jewelry allows you to wear it on the bracelet. So, when and who needs to give these elegant little things?

Daughters, brides and wives

Suspensions can be a universal gift, many even believe that these products should introduce the girl before her ears are pierced. This little thing, received from her father or brother, will help the girl understand that she becomes an adult and she should reject boyish habits.

Pendants in relations with girls can be the most convenient gift: quite memorable and at the same time not too expensive. So the silver suspension sometimes contains semiprecious stones, and it turns out a souvenir for any memorable case in a relationship. It is worth recalling that the ancient sages recommended putting on the bride, and then his wife bracelets, and believed that these jewelry especially affected her character. Today, instead of countless bracelets, you can give pendants one after another, which are attached to one bracelet – for a birthday, as a reward for a good act or a small date in a relationship.

Kulons are more noticeable jewelry that are appropriate in cases where the relationship has already developed. They can be given to brides and wives, but it is too early for their daughters and little sisters, there is a risk that children will quickly lose them. You can find high -quality silver pendants with blackening, ornament, pebbles, which are nice to wear every day as a talisman and reminders of a husband.

Beliefs, signs, taste

It is often customary to choose a stone in the pendant in accordance with the zodiac sign or the year of birth on the eastern calendar. However, with no less enthusiasm, the gift will be accepted if the owner turns out to be just to face.

Sometimes it happens that pendants and pendants are executed in traditions that refer to ancient cultures. It is appropriate to present them to a woman who is fond of such a type of philosophy.

Matte stones are great for women mature, glossy – younger. And the warmest feelings in almost any woman causes pearls.

How to buy?

Now you can choose the product both in the store and online. If you have chosen the first option, we recommend that you go buy on a calm day when you are not tired and are in no hurry.

Purchases on the network in this sense are more profitable. Before making a choice, it is necessary to make sure that the products have passed the necessary certification and inquire about the delivery conditions. Then you can plunge with your head into the selection of pendants and pendants here and choose what you will like.