Which cardio trafficker to choose?

Cardio-training was originally created to improve the work of the cardiovascular system. But over time, it was noticed that it also contributes to the activation of the aerobic energy system, on which the diet of oxygen of the whole organism depends.

As a result of such training, you can lose good weight and keep the body in good shape. So what sports simulators are included in this group and what is better to choose?

What simulators belong to the cardio group?

The line of cardiotheres is actually very extensive. Knowing the purpose and features of each species, you can choose exactly what matches the set goals as much as possible.

Stepper. Perfectly loads the muscles of the legs and buttocks, simulating walking along the steps. Great for training the cardiovascular system. Modern models are equipped with counters of steps, pulse and time. You can independently adjust the load. But for weight loss, not the most ideal option, as it involves a small percentage of muscles.

Treadmills. The most popular home simulators. Allow you to load the muscles of the legs, back and chest. Training allows you to achieve deep breathing necessary for burning fat. A variety of models allows you to choose a treadmill for a variety of training. Changing the speed of the canvas and the angle of its inclination, you can control the total load.

Rowing simulators. Allow you to reproduce the sensations of rowing on the water. During the lesson, almost all muscle groups are involved, the lungs are actively ventilated, and fat deposits literally burn out. Plus such training positively affect the flexibility of the spine and can be shown to people suffering from osteochondrosis.

Equal traffic. Created to strengthen the entire muscular group of the legs and improve the state of the cardiovascular system. His advanced analogue is an elliptical simulator that is more effective for losing weight than exercise bikes, but does not load joints like a treadmill as much.

Which simulator is better?

The first thing you need to remember when choosing cardio traffic – the more muscles are involved, the more effective the training. Your breathing is the best guideline for choosing. The deeper it becomes during the lesson, the more active the body is saturated with oxygen. Which means that the process of fat burning will be better.

Remember that there are contraindications to work with shells. So people who are injured in the spine do not recommend classes on exercise bikes. The stepper is not suitable for existing problems with hip joints, and a treadmill – if the ankle worries. To get the most positive result, it is better to consult a doctor in a timely manner.