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Which hearing aid to choose

At the moment, the market has a large selection of a wide variety of hearing aids. All of them are conditionally divided into two types: analog and digital. Along with domestic manufacturers, imported models occupy a special place in the list, which have long and well -established among buyers.

The most popular are the auditory devices Dnepropetrovsk Siemens. These devices were created by real professionals, taking into account all the features and given the main reasons for hearing loss. Since the ability to hear concerns not only one, but at once all frequencies, it is important to choose such a hearing aid that would work in a wide frequency range.

There are also cases when the ear ceases to perceive specifically low or high frequencies. For example, the singing of birds and children’s voices is perfectly audible, but completely (or very bad) is not heard of low male voices or the sound of a working motor of the car.

Siemens digital hearing aids are perfectly coping with any problems to reduce hearing. In this case, reinforcement of sounds occurs only in a given and necessary range. While analog apparatuses reinforce all sounds at once (that is, both high and low), digital ones are accurately adapt to the needs of every hard -good person. That is, if you do not hear only low frequencies, then the analog apparatus will strengthen both of them and high, which is not very comfortable. And the analogue will help to solve the problem of the lack of full -fledged hearing only at low frequencies, leaving the natural audibility of high frequencies.

In addition, digital hearing aids are much more compact and very convenient to use. They look aesthetically enough, which simplifies the use of both adults and children. Ultra -traoreing digital devices are equipped with noise reduction function. That is, they can additionally muffle quite loud and too high -frequency sounds.