Which refrigerator can be considered the best?

Today it is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator, t. To. It is in it that most of the products that are ready -made dishes are stored. This allows you to save them fresh, does not allow them to deteriorate and protects from bacteria and insects.

It must be remembered that the refrigerator is also not some kind of magic device, t. To. and in it the products can be stored for a certain time, after which, they can begin to deteriorate. The thing is that inside the temperature is low, but plus, so the shelf life of a product depends only on the type of product. The minus temperature is only in the freezer, but there the products are in freezing mode, which is not suitable for all types of products.

Therefore, do not eat soup or cake, which was 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator. No matter how high -quality the refrigerator is, it will not be able to maintain the freshness of perishable products for a long time. As for the brands, LG refrigerators are considered one of the best, which are available on the free sale. However, you can find high -quality models in domestic, as well as Belarusian and Ukrainian manufacturers.

When buying a refrigerator, many people often chase fashion, try to buy the largest and most expensive model to be no worse than others. However, this colossus will consume more energy, in addition, it will need to be filled with a large volume of products. If the family is big, then there are no problems. Otherwise, when a person lives alone or with one, then such a refrigerator will be too large for them.

People who live alone can even acquire a compact model for themselves, which can accommodate everything necessary for one person. Such compact models are great for hostels, offices. When buying it is better to choose a well -known brand, t. To. They have a wider network of branded service centers.