Whiten your teeth at home!

You want to find a snow -white and beautiful smile? If you have a dazzling smile, then people a priori think that you are a successful and prosperous person who cares about the state of your health.

However, not everyone can visit specialized dentistry, since the cost of services there is rather big. Do not despair! There are effective folk methods that are considered one of the most effective methods.

The easiest way is to whiten with an expensive bleaching paste, which must be used several times a day. It should not be used for a long time, so as not to harm dental enamel.

There is a more appetizing method. We take strawberry berries, crush them and put them on the brush and brush your teeth thoroughly. You will notice that your teeth will improve. And all this thanks to natural acid acid acid. You can brush your teeth with lemon juice.

One of the oldest but effective ways. Take activated charcoal, make a powder from it and pour on a toothbrush. Do not forget to rinse your mouth well in order to get rid of black.

Many brush your teeth with paste with the addition of hydrogen peroxide. But there is a risk of damaging enamel.

Food soda will help you. Brush her teeth, like ordinary teeth powder. Just do not get carried away so as not to scratch the tooth enamel.

Get pepper mint. Not only whiten your teeth, but also refresh your mouth well. It is also recommended to brush your teeth with honey.

Professional tools

The most successful way for bleaching. It is easy to use and you do not need to go to an appointment with the dentist. Everything can be done independently, at home.

A small instruction that needs to be guided by:

It is necessary to print the packaging and get the strip with clean, dry hands.

Remove the protective film and attach a helium strip to the tooth enamel so that it adjacent.

Leave the strip for thirty minutes.

After this period of time, remove the strip and throw it into the garbage bucket.

Use the gel that is sold right with the brush. Apply with a brush gel to the teeth, it will freeze and gradually wash off saliva. Gel must be used for three weeks.

Know that the result must be achieved in a gradual, slow way. Buy only good and high -quality funds in a pharmacy.