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Who to give bedding for the New Year

December crept unnoticed and has already managed to bring the pre -holiday mood. Everyone loves the New Year and expect the fulfillment of desires, a fabulous mood and gifts from him! It’s time to decide: what this time can please our loved ones.

We fall asleep with the thought of something and also wake up. We spend almost half of our lives in bed, restoring forces, posed to the normal tone and not only. We read books, make plans for the future, make love … All this means a lot for us and it is very important that the “sacred place” fully satisfies our needs. But just as the apartment needs periodic cosmetic repairs, so our bed needs changes. Then it is logical to assume that one of the most useful and pleasant gifts for the New Year is bedding, which will always be relevant! Any home textiles, and so, the pillows and blankets will become an excellent gift for many friends.

If you are looking for him to a child, you can stop your attention on some bright prints, fairy-tale characters. Bed linen for a young couple can have a more romantic character, sewn from red silk, it will be associated with passion and will bring more vivid sensations into their life. This gift is intended for a close circle of communication, so if you think about a gift to a guy who you like, but there is nothing between you, bedding will be an immodest hint of intimate things, so be careful.

Now the choice of bedding is quite large and diverse both by material and drawings. The price varies depending on the quality of the fabric and the complexity of the print. The chintz is cheap and practical, the calico is persistent, durable and durable, the flannel is light and soft, with a small comb, the batist is durable, with a transparent texture and very light, satin resembles Egyptian cotton and looks like silk, cotton retains a balance between the environment and body temperature, Beijing – practical and reliable, flax – environmentally friendly material, but silk is very expensive and beautiful, is able to deliver real pleasure.

This will be a great gift, because who refuses to update their place of fairy -tale dreams and dreams! Perhaps the dreams themselves will be different, brighter and positive, because everything presented from the heart brings joy to our house!