You will not stop progress! History of a taxi

If almost everyone uses taxi services today, then few people know about the history of taxi and its development in Russia. So, but how did it all begin?

With its roots, the history of a taxi goes far into France, at the very beginning of the 18th century and, accordingly, this name itself came from the French “taxos”, which meant a means for transporting people and goods for a small fee. And by the end of the 19th century, the same France, in connection with progress, has already produced cars and the engine on gasoline and the levers completely replaced the horse -drawn carriages and carts and the “parent” of this miracle has become all of us now the well -known company Renault. Another interesting point – after all, few people know where yellow checkers came from a taxi, and they owe their appearance to the American cars of the Checker, the name of which is translated – checkers.

This is no one to surprise anyone today Butovo, because a taxi in the Butovo area can be caused without problems. For example, a good taxi will deliver a car at the address you specified without problems. And where did the history of a taxi in our country begin?

If we mention Russia, we will take, for example, our capital-Mother Moscow, then the demand for a taxi was and remains huge due to a large number of living and visiting guests.

Although after the revolution the excitement of a taxi sharply decreased and only thanks to the Moscow City Council in 1924 from France did the Renault and Fiat cars came to order.

But, as they say, demand gives rise to a proposal and today, in the age of various innovative technologies, telephone communications, the media, as well as the Internet, thanks to which now anyone can easily place an on-line, there is also a competition formed by many private firms. And competition, respectively, gives rise to an increase in the culture of customer service and the development of this sphere itself.